Our Builds

  • Build #13

    Home of Abdou Tchagouni and Zakiya Gafo, 6 Saltonstall Avenue, New Haven, completed in November 2017

  • Build #12

    Home of Elisa Acety De La Cruz and Eldin Ortiz, 2 Strong Street, New Haven, completed in August 2016

  • Build #11

    Home of the Sheriff Family, 603 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, completed in May 2015

  • Build #10

    Home of the Turay Family, Greenwood Avenue, New Haven, completed in September 2014

  • Build #9

    Home of Denisse Santos & Jose Lopez, Congress Avenue, New Haven

  • Build #8

    Home of Alejandro Rodriguez & Edmarie Vendrell, Congress Avenue

  • Home of Shanna Green, Elliot Street

  • Home of the Castro Family, Wilson Street, completed in May 2009

  • Home of Lavenita and Fred Smith, Huntington Street, completed in July 2010

  • Home of the Sherman family, Shepard Street, completed in September 2008

  • Home of the Bryant Family, Rosette Street, completed in June 2007

  • Home of Aqil Hashim. Fatima Lemfadel and Family, Thompson Street, New Haven

  • Home of Louise Jennette, Hallock Street, New Haven