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      A community of hundreds came together, opened their hearts, DANCED, shared resources, celebrated, and this happened…

      $87,000 was gathered to help families build their own homes.
      Read about the goodness

      During this season of giving, honoring, and remembering others, a donation to Raise the Roof may be made in honor of friends and family. Share the opportunity of being part of our Habitat mission and a family’s journey to build and own a home. Gift recipients will receive ecards with your personal messages.

      Click here to make a gift.

      Please help to finish 387 Lenox Street, the rehabilitation of a historic house and the future home of Edwin and Ada Sanchez and their family. Work is almost complete, and with your help, the house can be finished and ready for the family…a perfect holiday happening and start to the new year. Click here to build.

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