Auction Items

  • 11th Annual Celebration Gala Auction Items

  • We are so excited about the items of this year’s auction. Take a look at some of the items being auctioned at our 11th Annual Celebration Gala.

  • Jeanne Maguire Thieme Fine Art Painting

  • Growing up in Stamford, Ct., a sail boat, walks at Cove Island, Long Island Sound was always a part of our family. As a young adult my journey took me to rural New Hampshire where I now live and I remember my father asking me if I ever felt “land locked”.

    Years come and go and I would periodically visit my brother and sister-in-law for family gatherings in Madison Ct. We would often walk the beaches by their home. I was struck by the beauty of the sunset on the beaches – the smell of the salt air, the seagulls circling. Time stood still – Long Island sound is the same after all these years and I have to admit that “Yes”-every once in a while I miss this scene. I loved going back to my roots through this painting of Madison on the beach at sunset.

    The technique used in this painting is: TRUST THE WATER

    In my watermedia paintings I trust the water. I let it go, let it mix with paint and flow around dry areas on the paper. I often do not know what will transpire on my paper. This creates abstract patterns which are used often in my water and sky reflections. I can then glaze over these areas to enhance certain sections and bring exciting movement and color into my painting. I only sell original work – there are no prints of these pieces, so I honor this magical process.