2017 Gala of Stars

  • Once again in stellar style, Shoreline stars took to the dance floor for Raise the Roof’s third annual and signature event, Gala of Stars: Dancing for the Cause. Raise the Roof defines stars as community leaders passionate about making the world a better place. This group fit that definition perfectly and accepted the invitation to step onto the dance floor to provide a family with the opportunity to own a safe, affordable home. 

  • Ginger and Milton Brasher-Cunningham
    Emily Connelly and Steven Kao
    Andrea Kaye and Matt Meskill
    Cathy and Steve Lynch
    Kippie and Gregory Martin
    Brenda and Gary Naegel
    Danielle and Tom Pettit
    Helen and Marco Rizzo

  • The stars learned choreographed ballroom routines during ten private lessons provided by Arthur Murray Guilford, Raise the Roof’s Event Partner. The dancing stars performed on November 10 at the Gala of Stars: Dancing for the Cause at The WoodWinds of Branford. The stars competed for "votes" (dollars = votes) and their dancing raised the funds for the building of the next Raise the Roof Habitat for Humanity house.

    A group of celebrity judges also presented awards for the best performances. In addition to the dance performances, gala guests enjoyed drinks, hors d’oeuvres, a three-course plated dinner, and time for their own dancing.

    Hearts were inspired, new friends were made, cheers, applause, and smiles filled the venue, and $68,000 was raised to provide continued opportunities to partner with Habitat families in the building of homes. They danced love, and they danced joy, and they danced dreams.

    View event photos here.