Celebrating a a Special Group of Graduates

  • Among the high school students who are graduating this June 2020 in the midst of days that have been impacted by how the milestone can be honored, there is a special group of Daniel Hand High School students from Madison who have earned celebration not only for their academic accomplishments but also for their dedicated and joyful efforts to help families build homes. Raise the Roof was committed to finding a way to honor 29 graduating seniors who, in addition to their work as students, have worked with tireless commitment, creativity, and accomplishment as members of the Daniel Hand High School Habitat Club. Cheering caravans of Raise the Roof board members, along with the club’s advisors, delivered personalized lawn signs to each student to express gratitude and honor while families and passersby joined the fun and ovation.

    As members of the Daniel Hand Habitat Club, this group of graduating seniors have worked over the course of their high school years to build not only homes with Raise the Roof and Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven but also a caring, productive, and empowering organization within their school community. Raise the Roof is fond of saying that there are many ways to build a house, and these students manifested that belief with hammers, paint rollers, fundraisers, baked goods, ballroom dance shoes, and endless amounts of spirit and heart. The world is poised to gain an infusion of smart, hardworking, compassionate leaders. Raise the Roof is full of respect and gratitude.

    Please join Raise the Roof in congratulating and honoring: Summer Adams, Jacob Allen, Danny Baker, Kylie Corniello, Isabel Craven, Corey Duncanson, Maddy Fay, Sohpia Fedus, Ainslee Fogleman, Kevin Hoban, Dan Kim, Emma Larivee, Bella Larizza, Hannah Lewis, Parker McDevitt, Riley McDevitt, Kayla Mendonca, B Opstrup, Beecher Porter, Gigi Rankin, Erin Reilly, Ethan Richmond, Dylan Richmond, Jacqui Sandor, Aidan Stuart, Mark Tananykin, Chloe Thompson, Emilie Waters, and Sara Wohlgemuth. A special note of thankfulness for the leadership of the graduating club co-presidents Sophia Fedus and Beecher Porter, as well as faculty advisor Mia Corvino.