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      Thank you for giving greatly to provide continued opportunities for families to build and Shoreline community members to have the honor of working alongside to help. Raise the Roof is currently sponsoring and helping Jessica Smalls and her family build their home at 33 Elliott Street, New Haven. We are celebrating our twentieth year of being a community that builds and look forward with excitement to building into the future. Make a gift here.

      Join the Raise the Roof community helping to build our current sponsored Habitat house at 33 Elliott Street in New Haven.
      Click the image above to learn more about volunteering and for the links to join us. We are helping the family of Jessica Smalls build the house that will be their home. See you at the build site! Your hearts and hands will make a difference. Gather a group of colleagues, friends, or reserve a spot for yourself and meet new friends.

      Since 2003, a kind and generous Shoreline community…
      - Has shared and raised over $1,250,000 to sponsor the building of Habitat homes.
      - Has worked alongside families to complete the building of 19 houses.
      - In 2023, will help to build Raise the Roof sponsored houses #20 and #21.

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